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8th November 2014 :
Tamikrest bring the Sounds of the Sahara to Liverpool' - tickets on sale now.


tamikrest125.jpgAfrica Oye Touring and Trading help bring the brightest new band to come out of the Sahara to Liverpool this coming November. The spellbinding TAMIKREST prepare for their performance at The Kazimier. If you need convinicng of their talent, read all the comments and reviews in the full... Read more »


Finding Fela! - New feature length documentary and double cd soundtrack


fela_small.jpgPress Release: After the world premiere at Sheffield Doc Fest, Academy Award® winning director Alex Gibney returns to UK screens this autumn with a cinematic release on 5th September for 'Finding Fela', an utterly compelling and hypnotic portrait of visionary Nigerian musician and social activist, Fela Kuti. 'Finding Fela' is the story of the man who created the musical movement Afrobeat, and who then went on to use it as a form of political protest against the Nigerian dictatorship, becoming a revolutionary, hero and legend.

Capturing the essence of the documentary film from a musical perspective is the 'Finding Fela' soundtrack. The double album includes 15 of Fela's classic tracks, together with an interpretation of "Zombie" from the Fela! Broadway musical, and a never-before released, magical live version of "Colonial Mentality", recorded at the New Afrika Shrine in Lagos by the cast of the musical and featuring Fela's son Femi Kuti on saxophone. Read more »

Chinbat Baasankhuu - The Art of the Mongolian Yatga - ARC music


yatga.jpg Press Release from Arc Music The Art of the Mongolian Yatga by Chinbat Baasankhuu [pronounced ‘bar-san-hoo’l is likely to be the first full Mongolian yatga recording widely available outside Mongolia and includes techniques only possible at the highest levels of yatga accomplishment.Traditionally the yatga — a bowed zither with movable bridges — was played vertically during royal occasions at Mongolian court, complete with an ornate swan’s head and strings made from animal intestines. Today, the yatga is played horizontally with strings of silk and steel without the decor of a swan’s head, Mongolian wolf or deer. Read more »

August 2014 World Music Charts


wmce_logo.jpgCompiled by Johannes Theurer on behalf of the World Music Workshop of the EBU. Supported by WDR Funkhaus Europa here's the top twenty from over 123 cd's voted for by a jury of over 40 radio DJ's across Europe including DJ Ritu ( BBC Three Counties ) Lopa Kothari ( BBC Radio 3) and Max Reinhardt ( BBC Radio 3) from here in the UK ...... Read more »

Ibibio Sound Machine on Soundway Records

1303057368-ibibio-sound-machine_web-1440_0.jpgThere's something fantastically idiosyncratic and creative going on in a pocket of London, with an eccentricity, the likes of which I have never heard before and its making me quite excited. Its being generated by the Ibibio Sound System who's self titled album is one of the latest releases on the Soundway label. London born Nigerian, Eno Williams sings of folk stories recounted to her by her family. Her sumptuous and sexy voice glides over the music, at times somewhat disconnected, as the band gets on with the job of creating all sorts of loose limbed rhythms, mixed with electronic sound effects, ad hoc tweaks and buzzes not forgetting afrobeat horns plus occasional cow bells. For European ears, much of this album has the sound of broken disco, futuristic yet with a retro-flavour of Starsky and Hutch pulling up for a night in Studio 54.

As the album progresses the grooves becomes deeper and more psychedelic. With tracks, 'Woman of Substance' and 'Prodigal Son' people may well start to draw parallels between Eno Williams and Grace Jones. The tracks are so individualistic that it may take a little more thought to drop one of them into a DJ set but hang on.... a better solution would be to drop an audience into Ibibio Sound Machine set and take delight in the different shapes people throw as they dance or attempt to dance to the music.

I still remember fondly those moments at the Whirly Gig where, after a night of dancing, we'd chill out under a parachute silk, wafted up and down by the hands of people in a circle holding the parachute whilst the DJ played some chill out tunes. This album ends with a track that fits the post work out chill down perfectly, 'Ibibio Spiritual' an Ibibioed version of the universal Amazing Grace.

Congratulation to Soundway records for putting out such an original " outside of the box" recording. Have fun, don't try and deconstruct and critique the music, just take an energy drink, throw some shapes and get on down.

The full lineup of the band consists of Eno Williams (vocals), Alfred Bannerman (guitar), Anselmo Netto (percussion), Leon Brichard (bass/synth), Benjamin Bouton (drums/keyboards), Max Grunhard (alto sax), Tony Hayden (trombone/synth) & Scott Baylis (trumpet).

Useful links
Ibibio Sound Machine Soundcloud.
Ibibio Page on Soundway Records
Buy Ibibio Sound Machine on Amazon

28th November 2014 :
Sondorgo, Hungarian Tamburitza Band - London Date


If you missed them at WOMAD Charlton Park, Tamburitza band Söndörgő bring their unusual brand of Hungarian folk to the Barbican Hall on Friday 28th November. Influenced by the traditions of Hungary’s Southern Slavic communities, Söndörgo’s repertoire is based around the tambura, a small and agile plucked instrument similar to the mandolin. Comprised of brothers Dávid, Áron and Salamon Eredics, plus bass player Attila Buzás, the band perform music by Béla Bartók and Tihamér Vujicsics, as well as by old masters of the folk tradition. Read more »

Amira Kheir , new album Alsahraa on Sterns and WOMAD 2014 date


amirakheir-alsaharaa-albumcover_0.jpg Press Release: Following the release of her critically acclaimed first album 'View From Somewhere' (2011), Sudanese-Italian singer Amira Kheir launched her highly anticipated second album 'Alsahraa' (Contro Cultura Music/ Sterns) at Rich Mix on the 20th of February. A stunning set of minimalism and experimentation, Amira takes her opening statement made in 'View From Somewhere' even further - exploring Sudanese tradition through a jazz articulation, touches of blues and a lot of soul. With refined fluency in improvisation and through electric conversations with her long standing band of virtuosos featuring guitarist Camilo Menjura, double bassist Michele Montolli, drummer Leandro Mancini and special guests and long time collaborators oud player Nadir Ramzy, trumpet player James MacKay, Nay player Kalia Baklizanaki and Senegalese singer Abdoulaye Samb, Amira takes her mission to bold new heights with this second album. Available world wide and on iTunes Amira Kheir is also appearing at WOMAD 2014 at UK's Charlton Park. Read more »

Imed Alibi, new album Safar out now plus WOMAD date


imed_alibi.jpgImed Alibi makes world music. Modern world music. A world of rhythms, beats, melody, ideas, transformation, technology and passion. In a world where everything is fluid, they transcend all notions of time, space and musical genre. The brainchild of percussion virtuoso, Imed Alibi, former member of The Boukakes, who’s played with everyone from Mamdouh Bahri to Watcha Clan, his is a music built on the percussive foundations of Berber and Sufi rhythms, a violin surfing an orchestral wave, digital beats lapping at its feet, a heavyweight bassline grounding its race to the shore. Read more »

WOMAD 2104 Sinead O'Connor plus full line up and booking details


sinead_oconnor.jpg Press Release: Womad Charlton Park announces that Sinead O'Connor will be closing this year's festival. Just when you thought that no more remarkable names could be squeezed onto this year’s cracking line up at of WOMAD Charlton Park 2014, another one comes along, the compulsive and uncompromising performer, Sinéad O’Connor who will close the Open Air Stage on Sunday night. It is billed to be a very special performance for Sinéad, along with all her hit songs, will debut her new latest album, 'I'm Not Bossy, I'm The Boss' out 11 August 2014 and the first single to be taken from the album 'Take Me To Church' Read more »

Fracking in the UK - "Poisoning the aquafers" is that too loaded a term?


We love music from all around the world, we love the people who make it and the people who listen to it. We love the world and want to make sure it is looked after for our children and our children's children. Fracking possibly poses the biggest risk to our planet, our water systems and our well being.

Fracking in the UK - is poisoning the water too strong a term by Gondwanasound on Mixcloud

It is with keen interest that we listened to an article on BBC Radio Four's The World at One on the day that the British Geological Survey published the results of its study into the location of aquafers in relation to the underground layers of shale rock containing the methane gas. Read more »

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