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Digital Download release for Tarkany Muvek on World Music Network's Introducing series.


tarkany_muvek_0.jpg Led by Bálint Tárkány-Kovács, one of Hungary’s foremost cimbalom players, Tárkány-Müvek fuse the raw energy of traditional Hungarian folk, the intellectual rigour of classical music, and the spiritual depth of avant garde jazz and poetry together into one fabulous mix. Tárkány-Müvek are a group of young musicians from Budapest, Hungary. Their sound welds together the raw energy of traditional Hungarian folk, with classical music and avant garde jazz. This bubbling brew is topped off with poetic lyrics and splashes of influence from artists as diverse as Bartók, John Coltrane, Toni Iodache and Dr. Dre. Read more »

New Release | Söndörgő - Tamburising The Lost Music of the Balkans on World Village


Press release: Hard to pronounce, but easy to listen to, Söndörgő play nimble, life-affirming party music. Their trademark instrument is the tambura, a small mandolin-like instrument played in the Serbian and Croatian communities in Hungary. It’s something very different from the fiddle-led sounds that dominate the Hungarian tradition. Read more »

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