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Kenny Gilmore and Deep Roots Malawi


kenny_gilmore_and_melstar125.jpgEvery cloud has a silver lining and despite of the wash out at this year's rain hit Africa Oye festival, Melstar caught up with the deep rooted Kenny Gilmore. Full of passion he came to the festival to promote the film, "Deep Roots Malawi". Made in partnership with Promote Africa, its the only project so far to showcase the rich, yet often overlooked, musical traditions of Malawi. Read more »

Mobile Music Transfer in Mali


cellphonesv2_small.jpgAbout eighteen months ago, here at GondwanaTowers, we received a surprise album, Ishilan In Tenere, from Chris Kirkley's Sahel Sounds. Not a cd, not a flimsy warpable peice of vinyl but instead a weighty slab, that not only felt good but was packed to the brim with Mali guitar heroes. That was just the beginning ..... Read more »

Secret Stash release Pazy and the Black Hippies


Secret Stash Records are on it again as their HQ gears up for a funkier than ever summer, they share another firecracker with us. Re- issuing Pazy and the Black Hippies' Wa Ho Ha. Based in Benin, Edire “Pazy” Etinagbedia and his brothers James and Sonny Orovie released their second LP on EMI in 1978. Becoming somewhat of a cult classic in the collector’s market, Wa Ho Ha features Pazy’s soulful and sweet vocals gliding across deep Rock Steady grooves, Afrobeat rhythms and vintage funky, psychedelic melodies. Read more »

Digital Download release for Tarkany Muvek on World Music Network's Introducing series.


tarkany_muvek_0.jpg Led by Bálint Tárkány-Kovács, one of Hungary’s foremost cimbalom players, Tárkány-Müvek fuse the raw energy of traditional Hungarian folk, the intellectual rigour of classical music, and the spiritual depth of avant garde jazz and poetry together into one fabulous mix. Tárkány-Müvek are a group of young musicians from Budapest, Hungary. Their sound welds together the raw energy of traditional Hungarian folk, with classical music and avant garde jazz. This bubbling brew is topped off with poetic lyrics and splashes of influence from artists as diverse as Bartók, John Coltrane, Toni Iodache and Dr. Dre. Read more »

Digital only download release | Introducing Invisible System on Riverboat records


Invisible System is the result of an AngloEthiopian collaboration led by visionary producer, Dan Harper. The music grooves from dub and reggae, to straight-up techno and post-punk, all infused with an unmistakeable Ethiopian edge. This unique album includes exclusive previously unreleased material alongside some of Invisible System’s finest work to date. Their intoxicating music melds together Ethiopian grooves and melodious melismatic singing with deep dub and dance beats. Producer Dan Harper is the driving force behind the project, connecting and communing with a host of musicians from the UK and Ethiopia. Their prior releases received all star reviews from The Financial Times, The New York Times, World Music Central, FRoots, Songlines, and more.
Read the full press release and listen to a sample track in the full article. Read more »

Real World Gold back catalogue release includes Ayub Ogad who featured on Gary Barlow's "Sing"


"Sing" produced by Gary Barlow to celebrate the music of the commonwealth for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, is perhaps many peoples first introduction to music from around the world. Kenyan Nyatiti player, once spotted busking on the London's Northern line produced an album for Real World Records, Em Mana Kuoyo. Shortly to be re - released under the Real World Gold banner, they've posted a track on Soundcloud.

Buy a copy of Em Mana Kuoyo from Amazon. Read more »

One off live performance and world premiere of the Sun Araw and M. Geddes Gengras meet the Congos collaborative project


sunraw.jpg Celebrating the album release Icon Give Thank and the making of the album documentary Icon Eye, London gets ready for the world premiere of the Sun Araw & M. Geddes Gengras meet The Congos collaborative project at Village Underground in London (ticket details here), a second track from the critically-heralded album 'Icon Eye' is now streaming online. Read what the press say and further details in the full article. Read more »

Sterns begin a digital re- release of selected albums from their back catalogue


sternsdigitalrelease.jpgFill up your ipod as Sterns, the label synonymous with some of the best music from the continent of Africa are publishing digital only re-releases of classic albums. They get the ball rolling with two classics from the Senegalese KSF Productions plus prime cuts from producer Gussie P's Sippa Cup Records starting two releases from the Twinkle Brothers and Matic Horns Listen to selected tracks and the list of re-releases since April in the full article. Read more »

Channeling Zappa in Tirana: Edgy Rock Virtuosity Meets East Balkan Brilliance on Choban Elektrik


chobancoverthumb_0.jpgStateside news in from Garrett : If a prog rock power trio had ever sprung up in the mountains of Albania, it would have sounded like Brooklyn’s Choban Elektrik (“Electric Shepherds”). Using the vintage grit and funk of Hammond organs and Fender Rhodes to open up new facets of Albanian, Macedonian, Greek, and Armenian tunes, the band makes this unlikely pairing feel organic and obvious, thanks to their intense focus and anything-goes approach. Read the full story.. Read more »

Nineteen free music tracks for new subscribers to Arc Music's newsletter.


samplercover_0.jpg For a no risk adventure of discovery. Arc Music are offering a free download of nineteen world music tracks for all new subscribers to their newsletter.

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