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Secret Stash release Pazy and the Black Hippies


Secret Stash Records are on it again as their HQ gears up for a funkier than ever summer, they share another firecracker with us. Re- issuing Pazy and the Black Hippies' Wa Ho Ha. Based in Benin, Edire “Pazy” Etinagbedia and his brothers James and Sonny Orovie released their second LP on EMI in 1978. Becoming somewhat of a cult classic in the collector’s market, Wa Ho Ha features Pazy’s soulful and sweet vocals gliding across deep Rock Steady grooves, Afrobeat rhythms and vintage funky, psychedelic melodies. Secret stash are mighty excited to know that it’ll be popping on turntables like originally should’ve worldwide. Check out Papa's Black Dog from the album here. and go visit their website for more about the Secret Stash Record label.

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