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9th June GondwanaSound playlist


Album of the week : Yes We Can: Songs About Leaving Africa compiled by Rose Skelton on Out|here records.

Welcome to this week's world music adventure and with so much live music going on Mel's in a spin as she takes the hot seat at the last minute and welcomes Gail Cooke into the studio to talk about The Big Sessions Festival. Also dropping some tunes from recently departed artists, Doreen Thobekile, Jackson Kaujewa and Lobi Traore plus artists appearing at Africa Oye festival and right up her street is her choice for album of the week, an important testimony to our times, Yes We Can: Songs About Leaving Africa. Hope you hear something you enjoy.

1. Amadou and Mariam - M'Bif Balafon - Dimanche A Bamako - Because - Mali
2. Doreen Thobekile - Umhlalo - London Zule - Mule Sattelite - South Africa/ England
3. SWAPO Singers with Jackson Kaujewa - Wind of Change - One Namibia One Nation (Swapo Freedom Songs)- Philips - Namibia
4. Lobi Traore - Yo Ya Yo - Lobi Traore Group - Honest Jon's - Mali
5. Les Espoirs De Corinthie - Itanambè - Tinkhinyl - Wountanara - Guinea Conakry
6. K'Naan- 15 Minutes Away - Yes We Can - Out|Here - Somalia
7. Carlou D - Naniou - Muzikr - World Village - Senegal
8. Ti Coca & Wanga Neges - Madame Jil - Haiti Colibri - Accords Croises - Haiti
9. Modenine feat. Sage Hasson - Green Passport - Yes We Can - Out|here - Nigeria
10. Nancy Elizabeth - Lay Low - Wrought Iron - Leaf - England
11. Zubz - Time to heal - Yes We Can - Out|here - South Africa

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