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2nd Afroturf Party with Secousse Sound system


Date(s): 20th February 2010

Time: 21:00 til whenever

Venue: Bungalows and Bears, Division Street, Sheffield

News in from Afroturf: The Afroturf's become a little overgrown as we've not tended to our plot since our electric opening courtesy of The Worm and Mim Suleiman back in December. Well Afroturf is back for the second party with an explosive set from... SECOUSSE SOUND SYSTEM DJS ::: A.J. Holmes and Vamanos :::

Secousse has been gracing London's dancefloors with some of the most exciting Tropical party music in the world since their formation back in 2007. The night was started by internationally respected, white hot production duo, Radioclit, whose untouchable credits include Santigold, Esau Mwamwaya and M.I.A. The night has been critically acclaimed for its blend of live bands and worldbeat riot inducing DJ sets. It has an all encompassing music policy playing the fresh sounds of 'new whirled music' spreading like wildfire via Myspace, hipster blogs and dance music forums: Kuduro from Angola, Kwaito from South Africa, Baile funk from Brazil, Coupe decale from Ivory Coast or Reggaeton and Cumbia from Latin America.

Secousse Club MySpace

Ghetto Bass Quake Blogspot

Warming up the dancefloor will be Afroturf resident : DJ Jen-Wah-Zee : with a danceable mix of Afro and Latin beats.

Read our review of the opening Afroturf party.

How Much?: Freeeeeeeeeeeee !!

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