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10th September 2010 GondwanaSound Playlist


Album of the week : Djitoumou from Idrissa Soumaoro on Lusafrica.

Welcome to our first live broadcast since the summer break. With so much music and such little time it was a tough call as to what tracks to include. One album on heavy rotation over the summer is our album of the week, amazingly only Idrissa Soumaoro's second album in a career spanning forty plus years. We also have Two great traditional English ceilidh bands, Tyde who we met at Castle Donnington's Off The Tracks festival and The Monster Celeidh band we met at Sarawak's Rainforest World Music Festival both going pleasingly well with the North African Chaabi sounds of both Orchestre National de Barbes and Hassan Erraji. Throw in a few new releases and welcome to another eclectic round the world music adventure.

1. Amadou and Mariam - M'Bif Balafon - Dimanches A Bamako - Because - Mali
2. Huun Huur Tu ft Sainkho - A Song of Hope - Mother Earth Father Sky - Jaro - Mongolia
3. Orchestre National de Barbes - Allah idaouta - Rendez-vous Barbes - Le Chant Du Monde - Algeria / Morocco / France
4. Tyde - The Exploding Set - Tyde - Mrs Casey's Music - England
5. Idrissa Soumaoro - Berebere - Djitoumou - Lusafrica - Mali
6. Homuyan Sakhi - Kataghani - The Rough Guide to the Music of Afghanistan - World Music Network - Afghanistan
7. Sombrero Fallout - Banjo Thing - unpublished Demo
8. Idrissa Soumaoro - Femmes Je Vous Salue - Djitoumou - Lusafrica - Mali
9. Djelimady Tounkara - Djelimady Rhumba - Afrocubism - World Circuit - Mali Cuba
10. Monster Ceilidh Band - Stomach Steinway Set - Make Me a Dancer - MCB - England
11. Misty - Jah See Jah Know - Forward - Kaz Records - England

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